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A Day of Relaxation in Papago Park
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Genevieve Beardsley

Genevieve Beardsley
There's something misleading about her, perhaps it's her warmth or perhaps it's simply a feeling of remorse. But nonetheless, people tend to keep their distance, while secretly training to become more like her.

28 Dec 2017

The Papago Park is one of the most scenic areas and the best place to relax. Papago Park is the municipal park of the cities of Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona and it has been designated as the Phoenix Point of Pride. Papago Park has 296 acres in its Tempe extent and it is a hilly desert park covering 1200 acres in its Phoenix extent. The park features picnic areas, small lakes, hiking trails, bicycle path and enjoy the beautiful places to see in Papago Park.

Here are the some places for your Day of Relaxation in Papago Park.

Desert Botanical Garden – the American Association of museum classified the Botanical Garden as a museum. Botanical Garden covers about 140 acres, a vast array of native plants on display and has over 21,000 plants representing 3,931 plant classifications in 139 plant families including over 100 endangered species plant.

Phoenix Zoo – the largest privately owned zoo in the United State and it has more than 1,400 animals on display, including 30 endangered species. The zoo was divided into four main themed: The Arizona Trails (wildlife and plant life), The Africa Trail (animals from Africa), The Tropics Trail (the resident of the rain forests), and The Children Trail, which includes small mammals in the world, like emus, ocelot, caracal, siamang gibbons, and golden-mantled tamarins and other petting zoo that you will see in Phoenix Zoo.

Governor Hunt’s Pyramid Tombs – the most iconic landmarks in Papago Park. The tomb was the resting place of the first governor of Arizona, George W.P. Hunt, also of his wife, her parents and sister and listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2008.

Hole in the Rock – one of the most popular attraction sites in Papago Park. Hole in the rock is a national geological formation which has series openings eroded in a small hill composed of bare red arkosic conglomeritic sandstone and provides a good view of the city of Phoenix west of the park. A nearly constant wind blows through the openings in the rock.

Aside of having lots of places to see and it features, Papago Park have also a recreational games which includes baseball, softball and a rolling hills Golf course between Phoenix and Tempe. Papago Park have large baseball and softball fields which includes 10 bullpens, a clubhouse, 4 Full-size practice fields, 2 Half-fields and 9 batting tunnels. While Papago Golf course become popular quickly in Phoenix because it hosted the US Amateur Public Links Championship in 1971, and also has been home to Phoenix Open Qualifying. Papago Golf Course was designed by the esteemed golf architect William Francis (Billy) Bell and considered as the finest public golf course in the state. This iconic golf course is currently undergoing a revitalization that will include a new clubhouse and amenities to accommodate ASU golf programs in the future.

The park is also notable for its wide variety of typical desert plants, like the giant saguaro cactus and for its many distinctive geological formations. 


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